Business Management Platform

a blend of autonomous softwares designed to help you manage your business with minimum effort




A highly sophisticated Payroll software built with the main aim of eliminating any further need for a compensation system.

Manage loans, fringe benefits, deductions, salary advances. Pay your workers based on time-clock, month, week, or a piece or per project.

PAYBOOK has a powerful reporting tool for analysis of your payroll processes, SSF, PAYE and a multitude of reports for internal operations.



The only software you need for management of your time-attendance, Biometric audits, Leave management, business appointments and an entire organization calendar.

Capture time spent on each project running in your organization with an automated time-card machine. Record bookings for staff when they are out on assignment.

Use data captured in WORKBOOK with an integrated PAYBOOK for arrangements of salary payments. No spreadsheet imports required.



Systematically evaluate your employee’s performance in terms of productivity with respect to the predetermined set of objectives.

Since it involves receiving feedback regarding their performance, give your employees an opportunity to reflect on their duties and responsibilities.

Keep track of periodic evaluation of individual’s attitude, personality, behaviour and stability in their job profiles.



When disputes arise in the organization, it is usually hard to record all details associated with the case.

This software helps you keep track discplinary cases and hearings in their appropriate directories for future references.



This app helps your business stay connected with your customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Keep track of your prospects and business leads. Create prospection objectives, events, schedules and record their outcomes.



Your employees are the number one asset in your business. So, their health matters very much.

Keep track of safety equipment, health insurance, sick-sheets, medical expenses and compliance with your insurance agencies.



The module that helps you manage your businesses assets.

With this system, you can allocate equipment to your employees and manage maintenance requests with their warranties.

Generate comprehensive reports on usefulness of your assets, location of your equipment and who currently is in custody of each item in your organization.



Treat your employees right. It is always good to show that you care about their efforts by rewarding them.

Get suggestions about employee of the month or year based on metrics you decide such as performance, sales, prospection, customer service reviews, attendance or ballots.

Create and send gift cards for social events, get reminders for birthdays and anniversaries.



Set up business short and long-term goals, create challenges, and setup rewards.

Make thorough objectives evaluation during the period of execution and in the end get to know the performance of your business.

With the rewards set, you can send a bonus or gift card or any other form of reward to your employees. This system can then let PAYBOOK take care of the payments.



A project management tool designed for development in any industry. To help you organize, plan, schedule and analyse your projects.

Build teamwork spirit, keep track of deadlines and progress with a good overview of workload and status of individual tasks.

Your project manager will thank you for your perfect decision to get them on this board.



Tracking system for company vehicles.
Manage your vehicles, leasing contracts, costs, licenses, insurances and driver assignments.

Manage everything from fuel log entries, costs and mileages. Get alerts and perform periodic maintenances.

Monitor all costs at once, and evaluate if you are making direct or indirect profit or loss out of your vehicles.



Manage and sign your documents online.

Creating documents from templates, signing, uploading, and approving has been made easy.

With our solution, files no longer need to be transported kilometers away for the simple task of signing or approval.

Sign online and save time and money for other investments.



Manage your hiring process.

Create a workforce plan, promote your job listings and easily keep track of submitted applications.

Build a strong record of skills and talent profiles with indexed documents.

Spend less time on interview processes and more time building relationships.

Notify your candidates on time using our MESSENGER bulk-SMS automation platform.



Targets growing businesses, startups and freelancers.

Manage contracts, quotations, sales orders and create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, and get paid on time.

Invoice customers based on time and materials and track invoicing progress, maintain renewals, and manage your subscriptions with recurring contracts.

Send polished quotations with eSignature and let your customers use online payment options.



WORKFORCE is here to take away frustrating activities from your plate.

Let WORKFORCE help you collect data from hardware devices while you are busy with other activities. Biometrics and electronic signature machines of your own choice.

WORKFORCE can work with highly secure third party software like our MESSENGER API for bulk-SMS as well as the best accounting software for successful businesses - CASHBOOK and any other software you would like to integrate with.



In order to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, your company must invest in the training and development of your employees.

Search through our trainers' directory, and keep training records for managers, supervisors, and teams.
Manage tuition reimbursements, scholarships and time-offs.
Measure your staff performance before and after training to determine their impact on buiness.



Your employees need financial security to make your organization an amazing workplace.

This system has multiple options for your staff deposits, savings, drawings and even getting soft loans for their personal and family development.

Works hand in hand with a salary calculator, a loan calculator determines the maximum loan a staff can get following both company and credit union policies.



FLEETRACK lets you sleep at night as it keeps both eyes on all of your vehicles for you.

This solution records all vehicles movements in real-time.
Use your computer or any mobile device to track whereabouts on your fleet.

Our tracking system has been implemented with built-in positioning, security features, vehicle alerts and alarms with different kinds of reports.




Focus on your core business

When you're running a business, payroll is a critical function. There's nothing guaranteed to upset employees than late paychecks, meanwhile mistakes in tax withholding could lead to trouble with Revenues Authorities.

WORKFORCE HR Outsourcing can help give you the extra time you need to focus on your core business. We can handle many of the administrative burdens associated with running today’s businesses, such as processing payroll and keeping track of complex human resources management.

WORKFORCE helps you Sleep at night

It’s not just that WORKFORCE Outsourcing manages many of the HR administrative tasks — it’s knowing that the HR process is managed properly and according to all regulations that really counts.

Save time and money

Choosing the best payroll service for your needs can save you time and money. Our exceptional payroll service will pay employees on time, file payroll taxes and appropriate security funds on time.

Our HR experts can help reduce the stress or financial penalties caused by possible clerical mistakes.

And, payments for our service is always affordable in comparison to paying a full-time staff for such activities.

Reduce costs while improving productivity

We provide innovative solutions for Operations, Human Resources Services and Payroll Administration. By offering integrated, cost-effective solutions, we provide remarkable value to your business.

Your business is spending too much time On HR

Are you and your managers spending time and money on Human Resources activities that are taking your focus away from your core business?
Have you thought about all of the HR-related items that have to be addressed on a daily and weekly basis? A partnership with us helps
you save time and money.

Outsourcing gives you a WORKFORCE advantage.

WORKFORCE is a customer-focused, performance-based and outcome-driven business management platform.

Our mission is to provide the comprehensive services you need to overcome Human Resource, Payroll logistics and business Operations management barriers.

but, how do we deliver all that?


  • 1

    We host data on worldwide trusted servers for its security and disaster recovery policies. With SSL and data encryption, all your data is secure with us.
    An NDA is also available to safeguard our trustworthy business relationship.

  • 2
    Self service platform

    Even after outsourcing, you will have real time access to all your data with role based profiles for directors, auditors, consultants, employees, etc.

  • 3
    Visiting your premises

    We make regular visits to customers premises to audit HR processes and compliance.
    We respond and act diligently upon on-demand call for visit whenever our customers feel it's necessary.

  • 4
    Dedicated account manager

    In the begining, We assign each client an implementation specialist to guide them through intensive training.
    You will have a single point of contact for all your queries related to payroll and HR. They will be available to provide you with all information you need quickly.

  • 5
    Helpdesk, phone & email support

    We offer live phone support so you're never left out in the cold.
    With email, phone and live-chat support, our customer service team is always available to ensure your trouble-tickets are attended and resolved immediately.


Going Above & Beyond

WORKFORCE is not just a software but has become a business management platform built with an all in one secure Human Resource, Payroll and Operations apllications.

... that is best for for your business!